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Reception & Medical Docs.

Reception & Medical Docs

patients may be confined in the hospital in two ways:

1. Referring to the emergency in and acute status and in case of diagnosis of the doctor being confined,

2. Referring to the concerned doctor in the clinic or private office, and take introduction paper on three pages of the doctor or hospital. Sometimes due to the limited number of beds, they may have to wait for an empty bed. Contractual parties should take letter of introduction from the relating department.


* the reception official in case of the existence of capacity guides the patient to dismissal section which is next to that unit for taking financial confirmation. The dismissal clerk performs the followings:


A- In case the patient is contractual, the affairs will be performed in accordance with the contract and issues the financial confirmation paper in order to be presented to reception unit.

B- In case the patient is a private one, the reception official determines the related expenses approximately on the basis of current hospital tariffs and based on the type of curative action determined by the doctor, and asks the patient's companion to settle the amount to Bank Refah booth opposite to the dismissal unit and then the financial confirmation paper is issued for presentation to reception unit.

It is evident clear that all primary computations are done approximately and the certificate of liquidation will be done in final dismissal of the patient. The amount that the patient pays to the hospital includes expenses of hospital and doctors and consumptive material.